Wunmi: My New Hair Resolutions

 2016-05-31 08:47 AM by
Wunmi: My New Hair Resolutions

Mention resolutions of any kind and I am likely to either pretend your are referring to the zoom capacity on my camera or just ignore you all together. But this year has started off on a different note with me warming up to the idea of new year resolutions-particularly for my hair. 


This shift in sentiment came after I noticed how much progress I made on both growth and health just by using my koili butter consistently. I now find myself asking, what other small and manageable changes can I make to my routine that can help my hair be happier?


Below, I list a few things I would like to incorporate into my  routine consistently. I stress the consistency part because doing them in January then forgetting about them for the remainder of the year defeats the purpose. And telling you guys about them kind of forces me to be accountable to my word. I hope I can stick to my guns and update you in the not too distant future on the progress made!


Sleeping with a satin scarf This one I have already started doing and can attest to making a difference on my hair. Wunmi of last year tried using satin scarfs at bedtime on her hair and failed miserably. One reason for this was that the fabric was too slippery and would usually end up on the floor by morning. Hubby dearest also didn't help matters with his curious paws. So now I tie with a satin scarf then follow with another light scarf with less slip. This way I have a double armour against hubby and the slipperiness of the satin scarf. What does a satin scarf do, you are probably asking. Ordinary cotton bed sheets and pillow cases tend to draw moisture from my hair, leaving it dry, tangled and matted after tossing and turning through the night. A satin or silk scarf, on the other hand, does not have this absorptive property and due to its smooth texture has left my hair soft and glossy in the morning. I am curious to see the positive effects sticking with this through the year will have on my hair. 


Henna treatment Henna, the natural plant powder that has been used across ancient Egypt all the way to South East Asia for centuries, has many great properties. It is primarily used as a dye but can also serve to strengthen, thicken and grow hair. I did a treatment last year and noticed my hair was stronger after. But the procedure itself was long and messy with red blotches of henna all over my bathroom and towels as I applied the dye to my hair. These would come out eventually but took a lot of rinsing and washing out. This year I would like to bed down a technique to reduce the mess and enjoy the benefits of this treatment at least 3 times this year. 


Trimming This one makes me break into a cold sweat. I have NEVER let anyone put a pair of scissors in my hair. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that I have had enough hair salon mishaps without involving a weapon as lethal as a pair of scissors. So why test fate and invoke the wrath of a hairdresser I certainly don't trust with just a comb, talk less of a pair of scissors in her hands!? Nuh-uh. And doing it myself is equally frightening given the thick mane I have. I honestly wouldn't know where to start. The second reason is that I have heard enough horror stories from friends. I laughed till tears came out of my eyes when Puso told me how her wet (read: shrunken) Afro was hacked into what looked like a rounded halo but was actually an uneven disaster when stretched. I laughed then but you can bet I'd have cried like a baby if I were in her shoes. So this will be a toughone to crack. But I will, at the very least, do some research and get trustworthy recommendations on places for a natural to get a good trim. Not a buzz cut, not a crew cut, not a Mohawk. Just a good trim to get rid of split ends and tired old hair. 


Do you koilies have any new hair resolutions? Please do share! 


With love, peace and fro's




Photo Credit: Coily & Cute