When Puso Did Wunmi's Twistout

 2016-05-31 08:47 AM by
When Puso Did Wunmi's Twistout

Y'all probably know I suck at doing my own hair and that I am a particular failure at doing my own twistouts. So when Boipuso offered to do my hurrr....Guuuurls, I was over the moon and sun and milky way! Below we give you a primarily pictorial overview of how we achieved the look. Unfortunately we didn't get the best pics of how Puso installed the flat twists (we promise to get you more detail on that part next time) but you can see my overly excited take down below.


We worked on my post-trim hair which after about three weeks was still quite straight (albeit in need of a wash, don't judge me). Our tools and products were:

  • Wide toothed comb 
  • Water in spray bottle
  • Kinky Curly Curling Custard 
  • Flexi Rods
  • And last but certainly not least, Koili Castor and Avo Butter

Puso began by sectioning my hair then spraying a section with water and then applying kinky curly curling custard and my koili castor and avo butter (click on links to read more on each product). The water helped soften and re-moisturize my hair as Boipuso detangled with a wide toothed comb while the kinky curly curling custard served as the styler  and our koili butter sealed in all the good stuff.


Next, she proceeded to flat twist the section downwards. She repeated the process of spraying, detangling then applying product till we had 13 twists in total. Because my hair was more straight in some places than others, Puso struggled to twist the straighter parts a bit. Try and make sure your hair is not too straight when you twist as it will be more difficult to get your curls defined. As she finished twisting each section, she rolled the end of the twist into a flexirod. This helps define the curls more and helps them hang downward, which I wanted.


I slept with a satin scarf over my head then in the morning began to take the twists out. I applied a bit of koili butter to my fingers to help keep the hair moisturised and reduce frizzing. I rolled the flexirods outward and separated each twist downward, making sure not to unravel each individual section of the twist yet.

Next, I proceeded to pick and fluff out my hair to add volume. But be careful, this step can be your make or break for your twist out. This is because if you overly manipulate your hair, you could loose all the definition you have worked so hard at getting.

And below, the finished look! Given my poor history with twistouts, I was very very pleased on the great job Puso had done. In case you were wondering, the curls were relatively loose for two reasons: 1) my hair was quite straight when we installed the twists and 2) we did only 13 twists. While this was the look I was going for, if you want tighter, more defined curls work on less straight hair and do more twists. Next time, I will work on my unstraightened natural hair to see how that looks. 


Have you succeeded at a twistout lately? Do you have a twistout routine on lock-down or are you still experimenting like me? Let us know! 


With love, peace and fro's