What are your hair's essential items?

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What are your hair's essential items?

Hey Koilies!                                                                                                                                             


Just the other day, Boipuso called me in a flurry, thinking she had left the house with her tangle teezer in her bag but alas...this was not the case.  No tangle teezer to get her bun nice and sleek? This was a problem of epic proportions.

We all have those items we absolutely cannot live without when caring for our tresses. In this post, we go through some of the ones we swear by:


Water/Spray Bottle: At the top of the list, without question for both of us, is water. Water is life for our hair. Water is the beginning of every regimen. No water and we might as well just shave it all off. I like mine in a spray bottle to get it evenly distributed along the length of my hair and make sure it is all well moisturised. Boipuso is good to go from the tap. Whichever way you use it, water is our ultimate can't live without item.


Leave-in-Conditioner: While water is the best moisturiser you can find,  a good leave-in- conditioner can help pull moisture from the environment and help you retain it for longer. This helps reduce breakage, add shine and encourage curl definition - all worthwhile bonuses.


Koili Butter: What would be the point of getting all that moisture into your hair if you didn't seal it in? As you know, we swear by our butters as sealants for our hair and we would be lost without them.


Fingers/Afro Comb/Wide Tooth Comb/Tangle Teezer: While our fingers are the best detanglers out there, a good hair tool helps with the process of making sure we are not harbouring any knots in our hair. I have stuck with my afro comb from childhood days while Boipuso prefers a wide tooth comb and tangle teezer.


Silk Scarf: This or a satin bonnet helps ensure we don't loose all the moisture to our pillows at night and is gentle enough to not snag on strands and lead to breakage.


And that'it! What are your essential hair items you cannot do without? Do share.


With peace, love and fro's

Team Koili