Trimming Natural Hair

 2016-05-31 08:47 AM by
Trimming Natural Hair

If you read my new hair resolutions earlier in the year then you know I have been desperately looking for a place where I can trim my hair without having it hacked, ripped or just straight up butchered.

After experiencing some really great growth between 2012 and mid-2014, my hair appeared to have reached a 'critical' length where it seemed to have stopped growing. Given that my roots where healthy and I could definitely see new growth coming through, I figured the problem was in my ends which were becoming increasingly fragile and thin. My own bad habits together with postpartum shedding probably didn't help the situation either. So since I had never had a trim before, I figured it was time to bite the bullet (or scissors) and take the plunge. And after months and months of searching (and praying), I finally found a place I felt comfortable trying and drove to Johannesburg to give it a shot:
We began with a wash and condition which left my hair soft and supple. Check that shrinkage though!
After that, the lovely Lucy proceeded to blow dry my hair using the tension method. She was again very gentle and there was minimal shedding. As you can see from the pictures below, my ends appear somewhat frayed, thin and rough. 
Lucy took off about an inch of hair by running her fingers through a straightened section then snipping where the split ends started. Despite my initial fears, I was very happy with the end result and will be going back in two to three months for another trim. This should help in reducing my split ends where breakage and damage usually starts. Because your ends are also the most fragile and old, they need some extra care. I will be working on taking better care by keeping them tucked in from the elements, covering my hair at night and applying my koili butter especially on the ends. 

What have been your trimming experiences? Did your hair thank you after?  Do share! 

With peace, love and fro's