The holidays and your hair

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The holidays and your hair

You are finally here. You made it. You can kick off those heels and power suit and just sit back and relax.Whether you are chilling in Gauteng, going on a road trip through the Garden Route, flying to Paris or  the Caribbean, the last thing you probably want to be worrying about is your hair. But at the same time, you probably want to be slaying for those insta snaps but without spending hours and hours styling. Effortless is the look, right? Right. In that case, this post is just for you as we take you through some hair tips for the holiday season.


Do your homework Make sure to do your research on your destination well before you travel. Will it be hot and humid? Will it be cold and snowing? Will you be swimming? In salt water or a pool? It may seem like a bit of work to find all this out just when you got away from work but it will certainly make for a well-informed and (hopefully) less stressful trip.

Choose your style Once you know the basics of your destination, you can decide on your go to style for the trip. You generally won't go wrong with protective styles such as twists, faux locks, braids, or cornrows, irrespective of your destination. These will minimise your exposure to the elements and are versatile enough to wear loose and in updos etc. Alternatively, you could start your journey with twists followed by a twistout after a few days and maybe a bun after that. These should still require minimal effort, especially if you have done them often enough. Perhaps the best advice we can give here is that you should stick with the tried and tested. You don't want to be stuck with a real mohawk when all you were after was a faux frohawk and your stylist is a good 12 hour flight away. #Mess. 

Choose your products If you pack  like I do, you probably won' have space to take a full arsenal of all your hair goodies with you - and you shouldn't need to if you have done steps 1 and 2 above. In general, you should be good with your go-to conditioner/leave-in which you can use as a daily moisturiser and also use as a co-wash. A good sealant will probably be useful in protecting your hair from the elements and it goes without saying that your butters are made just for that! And please please please don't forget to pack travel size containers or put your products in your main luggage. It would break our hearts too to see you lose them before you even got to use them.


Scarves In the event that your hair refuses to cooperate or you just don't feel like styling or you just want to try something different, scarves and wraps make for a great alternative. Pick a few colours and styles and bring out your inner Erykah Badu while you lounge or camp around.


Let it go And last but certainly not least, remember you are on holiday and are out there to have fun in all your imperfection. So your edges are turning into dancing stick men on your head. Let it go! Your twistout is now an undefined 'afro out'. Let it go!   Your side twist is coming undone as you run through the open fields. Heck, that should be the point really. Don't worry about your hair and focus on having fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime.


And on that note, we wish you all a restful and memorable holiday. See you in 2016 when we will be bringing you a treasure chest of new posts, new products and a new site!


With peace, love and fros


Team Koili

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