Protective Styles: Headwraps

 2016-05-31 08:47 AM by
Protective Styles: Headwraps

Hey Koilies!


Hope the new year is treating you well. In this post, I talk about my love for headwraps and how they have become my staple go to protective style over the years.


I have been on that headwrap life for a long long time. This is partly due to my religious beliefs but also because I have a mama that made the gele (the traditional Yoruba headwrap) and turbans a regal and beautiful feature of my childhood. She could pull off a brightly coloured turban with a matching skirt suit and my word, did she slay :) As you can imagine, there was no way I couldn't have grown up to love wraps with such memories.


These days, I tend to wrap my hair as I go about my daily business. I will typically have my hair in a bun and then cover it with a silk scarf to maintain the moisture that my turban/wrap may absorb. I then cover my hair in my wrap, which could be a cotton, silk, pashmina or ankara fabric depending on the look I am going for. As long as I keep my hair well moistursed and conditioned under the scarves, it seems to be generally happy.


The only problem I have faced with  my wraps is that they tend to feed my 'lazy natural' tendencies. Because my hair is covered and not exposed to public scrutiny, I can go more than 4 days without remoisturizing which is never a good thing for my thirsty tresses. Shameful, I know.


But when I stick to regular moisturizing, my wraps actually protect my hair from the elements and keep it luxuriously soft and healthy. It is also pretty cool that you can deep condition your hair with your headwrap on, completely unbeknown to the universe around you. It doesn't hurt that there are so so many ways for you to choose and style your wrap and show your personality as well.


Do you use headwraps and how do you style them? Below are some of the ways I have worn mine...Do let us know and if you would like,  we can definitely do some tutorials for y'all lovelies.


With peace, love anf fros