Misadventures with an avocado mask

 2016-05-31 08:47 AM by
Misadventures with an avocado mask

Hey Koilies,


It’s been a while – things have been crazy! Anyhow I figured I’d share my (mis)adventures with an avocado and olive oil deep conditioner.

First, let me set the scene – it was another cold and rainy weekend in Paris but I’ve grown accustomed to these so I was feeling strong. My hair was upset about the non-stop bunning and my ends were hugging each other very tightly in protest (read badly knotted). It was also Sunday evening and wash day.  I was also staring down the barrel of a long night courtesy of a work deadline. But – like I said, I was feeling strong; I could do this – all of this. So I did my regular wash day prep and even threw in an impromptu trim. Once this was all done (took 40 minutes tops and I had cheezy 90’s rnb on in the background to keep me company) hopped into the shower to do my wash. Things were going really well, eerily well…but I was feeling myself. Dominating wash day, on track with the deadline, generally kicking butt and taking names. So I figured I’d spice things up a little bit. Oh Koilies, this is when I flew too close to the proverbial sun!  I decided to tweak my deep conditioner with some avocado and olive oil. Both these ingredients are great for re-moisturising and nourishing hair (you can read more here), but not so great when mashed roughly into your hair at 11pm…

Now, had I the good sense to blitz the avocado and olive oil into a smooth creamy consistency in the blender beforehand I’d have been golden. However, this wasn’t in boss B’s plans. I instead opted to roughly mash it up with a fork and ended up with something like this:

In my defence I kept mashing a little way past that, but it was still pretty chunky. I then mixed it in with the Body Shop’s Rainforest Moisture hair mask, which I’m currently using as my deep conditioner. So I slathered it into my hair. I noticed though that it was a little hard to get in there but hey, why let something that small be an issue, right?!… I put my hair under a plastic cap any woolly hat and went on about my bossin’!


Fast forward and hour and a half and it time to rinse it out. Now I wasn’t entirely naïve, I knew it’d be a long and meticulous rinse-out so I opted for an in shower as opposed to over basin rinse out. Rinsed section by section, finger combed all the while and felt like things were running smoothly. 20 minutes later I hopped out of the shower headed to the mirror expecting to see my healthy shiny, ebony mane reflected back at me, but no! It was a mess!  Tiny avocado chunks everywhere! It looked like someone had scrambled eggs in my fro! I would have taken pics, but I was too busy alternating between picking up the tiny pieces of my shattered ego, picking out the tiny bits of avo playing hide and seek in my fro and wiping away tears (ok maybe not literally wiping away tears, but  I feel I have earned some poetic licence here).


Short version, I had to re-cowash my hair, section by section, and run through it with a tangle teezer to get all the avo out! At 1 in the friggin’ morning! With a deadline to meet! NEVER AGAIN! Blitz people! Blitz your avo into a smooth paste! Save yourselves the horrors! When the avo was all out though my hair was super soft, bouncy and shiny. A couple of days in and my hair is still super soft, but the results could have been attained with far less strife. I will be reattempting this DC recipe – this time with a biltzer and will feedback.


Peace, love and fro’s