Let it fro

 2016-05-31 08:47 AM by
Let it fro

Hey koilies!

This is going to be a quick post. I am in Europe for the winter and decided to take a major break from my regular travelling routine and put our koili butters through their paces.

Ordinarily, I would do some sort of protective style like box braids to help my hair survive the cold. My hair doesn’t like the cold and it tends to be a lot more prone to breakage in winter. But not this time. I’ve decided to brave the elements armed with one shea, castor & avo butter, one shea, marula & jojoba butter, a wide tooth comb and my tangle teezer. The teezer (pictured below) is a detangling brush with bristles that are of different lengths. I like it because it is more gentle on my hair than conventional brushes and cuts my detangling time quite a bit (always a plus).

tangle teaser

My maintenance routine is basic: I spritz water on my hair then follow up with my koili butter which I use around every other day.  I find that I use my shea, castor & avo butter more, just because it happens to be closer in the bags I’d packed.  


Verdict: So far so great! My hair is particularly soft and manageable. I do still get the odd fly-aways from my buns, but nothing that my tangle teezer can’t handle. I’ll keep you posted on more of my winter hair journey.


Peace, love and fro’s




Photo Credits: Pinterest & Google