No, it’s not ice cream. But it sure looks and smells like it





Shea, Castor & Avo Butter


The Shea, castor and avo butter is a customer favourite for one reason. It puts in work. It does its paces. It is our heavy duty machine that gets in there to strengthen and fortify dry or damaged skin and hair; fight thinning and balding; stimulate growth and rejuvenate.


It acts as a natural sunscreen and wards off dandruff. It is made with shea butter, olive and coconut oils, castor and avocado oils as well as essential oils. It is cocoa butter flavoured. 



Shea, Marula & Jojoba Butter


Think gentle, exotic moisturising  and our Shea, marula and jojoba butter is the one for you. Marula and Jojoba oils are ideal for moisturizing dry, dehydrated and sun-damaged hair and skin and for removing stretch marks and scar tissues. They soften wrinkles and fine lines and soothe irritation.


These oils reduce water loss and promote both skin and hair elasticity. Made with shea butter, olive and coconut oils, marula and jojoba oils as well as essential oils, this one is super light and non-greasy. This butter is infused with a sweet vanilla scent. 



Baby Hair & Body Butter


In a nutshell, our baby hair and body butter has all the gentle moisturising of our Marula and Jojoba butter but without the essential oils that tend to be too harsh for your tot. Instead we have replaced them with chamomile, calendula and lavender oils. 


These are gentle and safe enough for babies older than 3 months and help babies sleep better and are soothing mood-lifters. Don’t be scared to melt a little into your baby’s bath or use for a nightly massage.

Happy cuddly babies and toddlers are guaranteed!