How do I use my koili product(s)?
How long does it take for products to be delivered?
I left my butter in the car and it melted. Can I still use it?
I see a solid cream deposit forming in my oil. What is this?
I see a black residue settling in my hair and body oil. What is this?
I do not have natural hair. Can I still use koili products?
Can I use koili products on my skin?
My skin is very dry and I am battling to retain moisture, how can koili help?
I’m a guy so I can’t use koili, right?
I have dandruff, can koili help me?
I have a damaged hairline. Can koili help me?
Can I use koili on my little one?
I am pregnant. Can I use koili products?
I need a shampoo and leave-in-conditioner for my hair. Will you be adding other products to the range?
My butter really smells and looks edible. Can I give it a nibble?*