Getting out of a style rut

 2016-05-31 08:47 AM by
Getting out of a style rut

Hey Koilies!


Have you ever found yourself in that weird space where you are feeling quite blah about your hair? Well, that’s where I’ve found myself over the past few weeks. My first instinct was to cut! Chop it all off and start again – which I’ve done a couple of times before. Ironic in that when I rocked a TWA, I obsessed about all the things I would do with longer hair...

After some introspection and consultation I figured – nah.  I'm opting instead to go a different route and try to figure out why I am in the rut. First, I have spent so much time focused on hair health, protecting, minimising manipulation, moisturising, building and so on, that I have forgotten about the fun aspects of my hair. Second, for all the versatility of natural hair, I lack the creativity to explore. My hair is generally in a basic bun. Now, as I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’m about that bunning life, but after a long stretch of doing a basic bun, I'm forgetting just how much I can do with my fro. I think the last time I was creative with my hair was when it was collar bone length (shout out to all my CBL people), but now with longer hair, I just need to be doing more.

It is apparent that I need to re-discover my hair and its versatility. I've taken to my usual inspiration source, Pinterest! The options on there are endless and a lot of the styles don’t require too much more effort than my regular bun. Also, the smallest changes can make for some exciting results. For instance changing up the size of my bun, doing bun/ twist combinations, wearing my fro out ( which  I almost never do). Then there are the more adventurous options including blow outs, twist outs, roller sets, bantu knot outs and the list goes on!  So, I’ve resolved to try something new every week for the next few weeks. I’m terrible with pics, but here are some initial experiments:

Flat twist and bun


 Goddess braid with bun



Attempt at a roller-set on a blow out (hair was too straight so I missed the mark - threw on a hat and created a fringe)


Ok, ok still a lot of buns but it's a start right?! Climbing out of this rut is a work in progress and I’m keen to hear your experiences too. Please drop them in the comments.

Peace, love and Fro’s