Get to know your kɔɪli butters (Part III): Coconut and olive oil

 2016-05-31 08:47 AM by
Get to know your kɔɪli butters (Part III): Coconut and olive oil

In this post, we take a quick journey through the benefits of coconut and olive oil- two key ingredients in the formulation of both our koili butters.

Mention anything with coconut and my mouth begins to water. Good old coconut straight out of its kernel, coconut milk, coconut water, deep fried coconut candy-all heavenly stuff. But what about extra virgin coconut oil? It probably doesn't taste as nice as the other variations mentioned above but it adds great flavour when used to fry and has amazing properties that make it great for your skin and hair. Did you know you can use coconut oil as a make-up remover, lip balm, hair de-frizzer and even feed it to your pets?   I started using coconut oil on my hair and skin about five years ago and haven't looked back since.


This oil is very versatile and has a lower molecular weight when compared with other oils which makes it great for sealing in moisture without being heavy on hair or skin. It also has strong hydrophobic properties that allow it to limit the penetration of water from the surrounding air and environment. This is why it works so well as a frizz fighter. Coconut oil also has the ability to bind to the natural protein structure of the hair, reinforcing your hair fibre and making it stronger. On skin, it contributes to cellular health and tissue rejuvenation, prevents ageing and softens so well that it is a sure-fire way to get rid of cracked heels. One of the best parts about it is that it doesn't become rancid (rot) and can be used for long periods of time.

olive oil

Olive oil is native to the Mediterranean basin and has been used for over 5000 years in food as well as on skin and hair. As a result of its popularity olive oil is now produced all over the world including Africa. Its high nutritive value means that it is great for promoting better digestion, stimulating your metabolism and is full of vitamins, minerals and proteins. It can also be used to keep skin, nails and hair in tip top shape. Olive oil is very close to the skin's natural oil making it a perfect moisturizer for dry skin and it has regenerative properties that make it great for keeping skin smooth, toned and firm. It serves as a fantastic conditioner and moisturizer for hair because it can penetrate better than most other oils. So while coconut oil is great for sealing moisture and keeping frizz at bay, olive oil makes sure you get the moisture into your locs in the first place. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that promote scalp health and prevent dandruff.


Together with shea butter, these two oils form the foundation of our  kɔɪli  butters. On their own, these three provide superior moisturizing, sealing and conditioning properties for hair and skin and you koilies have attested to these qualities. Also, the unique combination means that the butters can moisturise and seal without getting in each other's way. Some of you have used your jar as a body butter, others have used it as a hair cream and others even as a deep hair conditioner before washing. Either way, because of theses natural great properties, you keep confirming the versatility of your jars and why you keep using them. Next, we will tackle the variations in our two jars, marula and jojoba as well as castor and avocado.