Caring for your kɔɪli kid's hair

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Caring for your kɔɪli kid's hair

Caring for your own natural hair is one thing but caring for your child's is a whole other ball game. In this post, we tackle the basics of caring for those brand new koils to keep your lil one (and you) happy.



Because (I think) I have my own hair routine on lockdown, I was convinced taking care of my son's hair would be a walk in the park. Major Error 1. 

I was also convinced that his hair would be exactly like mine since well, he is my son. Major Error 2! 


The first thing that happened on my son's natural hair journey (yes, he is on this journey too) was that anything I put on his hair would have him breaking out in a rash. Regular baby oils and baby creams just didn't work. He had to use a prescription cream that would leave his hair in a white flaky state. Not cute at all!


Unfortunately, this situation persisted until he was over 3 months old as I was just too scared to try anything on him. My mum kept suggesting I cut his hair but I was hearing none of that. We were going to wait this one out. After mustering up the courage to try again, I started testing natural butters and oils on his hair and body. So far we have tried shea butter,olive oil and coconut oil with no bad reactions and in fact, good ones! His skin and hair are soft and well moisturised and I have now used these to form the basis of his hair routine (yes, baby boy has a routine too):


We follow the LOC method which works as follows:

*Once a week, I co-wash his hair using the Tresemme Naturals Conditioner and also use a drop (or two) as a leave-in conditioner

*I then apply an olive and coconut oil mix and seal with pure shea butter which serves as as our cream. I do this step everyday after his bath when his hair is wet. I also only detangle and comb while his hair is wet and soft. 


And that's it! Fairly simple regimen that seems to have my son's hair growing and happy. As he gets older, I plan to explore more natural and  essential oils on him.


You will be pleased to hear that we at koili are working on a baby hair and body butter- think of all the goodness of your regular butters but one that's more sensitive to your child's needs. Stay tuned for more updates on this!


With love, peace and fros

Team Koili