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  • Baby's first hair cut

    Baby's first hair cut

    You may remember me mentioning that I was in no rush to take my son for his first hair cut. But as his first birthday approached, I felt more inclined to reconsider. It had nothing to do with him being a boy and the stereotypes associated with boys and long natural hair. I loved his full head of fab fro but was  keen to try a new look on him.

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  • Pink hair don't care

    Pink hair don't care

    From my previous post, you know that I was stuck in a bit of a style rut. I've since made an effort try and keep doing new and fun things with it. That said I'm still big on hair care and keeping my fro healthy. Sometimes this feels like an impasse but with some research and ambition there are countless fun styles to try out. Granted, some may be pretty far out there, but stretching can be a good thing. 

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  • Kɔɪli Korner: Boingotlo

    Kɔɪli Korner: Boingotlo

    Hi Kɔɪlies, 


    It is time for another kɔɪli korner and this time, we have the beautiful and vibrant Boingotlo sharing  both her hair and skin experience with kɔɪli. She even has some tips and ideas on how to get the most from your products!  Enjoy...

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  • Kɔɪli at the AYP Meet & Greet

    Kɔɪli at the AYP Meet & Greet

    A fortnight ago, Team Kɔɪli made its way to Southern Sun Hyde Park for the African Young Professionals Meet and Greet. This event is a gathering of yes you guessed it, young African professionals from all walks of life with equally diverse interests and businesses.

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  • What are your hair's essential items?

    What are your hair's essential items?

    Hey Koilies!                                                                                                                                             


    Just the other day, Boipuso called me in a flurry, thinking she had left the house with her tangle teezer in her bag but alas...this was not the case.  No tangle teezer to get her bun nice and sleek? This was a problem of epic proportions.

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  • Introducing: Kɔɪli Hair & Body Oil

    Introducing: Kɔɪli Hair & Body Oil

    Hey Kɔɪlies!

    We did not mince our words when we said 2016 would be a year of new and exciting products and goodies just for you. We are besides ourselves with nothing but complete glee to present our latest offering - the Kɔɪli Moisturising Hair and Body oil.

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  • Introducing: Kɔɪli Intensive Oil Treatment

    Introducing: Kɔɪli Intensive Oil Treatment

    Thinning Hairlines. Split ends. Balding. Shedding. We have all had to deal with these at some point or another and they sure ain't pretty. I had my fair share when I experienced postpartum shedding and I am still trying to get my hairline to what it once was.

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  • Protective Styles: Headwraps

    Protective Styles: Headwraps

    Hey Koilies!


    Hope the new year is treating you well. In this post, I talk about my love for headwraps and how they have become my staple go to protective style over the years.

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  • Behind the scenes: kɔɪli shoot

    Behind the scenes: kɔɪli shoot

    First things first,  happy new year kɔɪlies!


    Hope you had a relaxing break and are ready to take on the new year with new energy and gusto.


    We certainly are and kicked things off with a kɔɪli photo shoot this past weekend for our soon to be unveiled new products and website :) We can't tell you much else yet but we can bet you the wait will be worth your time!

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  • The holidays and your hair

    The holidays and your hair

    You are finally here. You made it. You can kick off those heels and power suit and just sit back and relax.Whether you are chilling in Gauteng, going on a road trip through the Garden Route, flying to Paris or  the Caribbean, the last thing you probably want to be worrying about is your hair. But at the same time, you probably want to be slaying for those insta snaps but without spending hours and hours styling. Effortless is the look, right? Right. In that case, this post is just for you as we take you through some hair tips for the holiday season.

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  • Caring for your kɔɪli kid's hair

    Caring for your kɔɪli kid's hair

    Caring for your own natural hair is one thing but caring for your child's is a whole other ball game. In this post, we tackle the basics of caring for those brand new koils to keep your lil one (and you) happy.

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  • Wunmi: The Maximum Hydration Method

    Wunmi: The Maximum Hydration Method

    My biggest struggle with my natural hair has always been keeping it consistently moisturised and this is also one of the top challenges we hear you face too. I have found that as my hair has gotten longer, my regular routine does not seem to 'quench' my hair's thirst sufficiently.  Because I have very dense, low porosity hair, my strands struggle to absorb moisture and can feel stiff and straw like.

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  • When Puso Did Wunmi's Twistout

    When Puso Did Wunmi's Twistout

    Y'all probably know I suck at doing my own hair and that I am a particular failure at doing my own twistouts. So when Boipuso offered to do my hurrr....Guuuurls, I was over the moon and sun and milky way! Below we give you a primarily pictorial overview of how we achieved the look. Unfortunately we didn't get the best pics of how Puso installed the flat twists (we promise to get you more detail on that part next time) but you can see my overly excited take down below.

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  • Get to know your Koili butters (part VI): Bergamot Oil

    Get to know your Koili butters (part VI): Bergamot Oil

    Hi there koilies!

    It's been a minute since we gave you the lowdown on some of our koili ingredients so today we will be tackling one of the essential oils found in your butters - bergamot oil. This oil comes from the bergamot tree which blossoms oval green leaves, white flowers and a yellow citrus fruit that is not as bitter as a lemon but not as sweet as an orange.

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  • Trimming Natural Hair

    Trimming Natural Hair

    If you read my new hair resolutions earlier in the year then you know I have been desperately looking for a place where I can trim my hair without having it hacked, ripped or just straight up butchered.

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  • Koili Corner: Keabetswe

    Koili Corner: Keabetswe

    We are so so excited to feature another koili guy this week, Keabetswe aka KB. He really made us laugh on this one :) 

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  • Getting out of a style rut

    Getting out of a style rut

    Hey Koilies!


    Have you ever found yourself in that weird space where you are feeling quite blah about your hair? Well, that’s where I’ve found myself over the past few weeks. My first instinct was to cut! Chop it all off and start again – which I’ve done a couple of times before. Ironic in that when I rocked a TWA, I obsessed about all the things I would do with longer hair...

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  • Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses

    Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses

    After doing some research on natural ways to combat shedding, I learnt that apple cider vinegar rinses could help. I have used  this natural remedy as a hair cleanser in the past but never  to deal with hair loss/breakage. So in this post, I outline the benefits of this vinegar and how I use it on my hair for that purpose.

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  • Kɔɪli Korner: Moji & Aisha

    Kɔɪli Korner: Moji & Aisha

    This week, we have yummy mummy Moji and daughter Aisha sharing their koili hair regimen with us. Moji has been the darling behind my box braids and has also taught me a thing or two about taking care of my hair and my son's.  

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  • Eeeek! Why isn’t this working?!

    Eeeek! Why isn’t this working?!

    I have recently been approached by people in distress about products “not working” on their hair. Initially this is a hard one to engage with but on closer inspection I quickly learn that what they are saying is that they are not getting the desired results from their products. I too have had this issue at different points in my hair journey and have found that there could be a few reasons why this may be the case. For me there are three main reasons:

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  • Box Braids on Natural Hair

    Box Braids on Natural Hair

    Although I am generally happy to have my hair in a bun, my current hair situation has had me wondering if I should get a more protective style to help reduce the breakage, knotting and shedding I have been experiencing recently. I figured it might be a good idea to put in box braids after wash day. Unfortunately (like in the picture above), I tried to do this after 10 pm when the house was finally quiet but I was snoring next to my son after just doing two plaits

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  • Postpartum shedding

    Postpartum shedding

    No one really warns you about it when you are pregnant or after the birth of your bundle of joy. Your body has already gone through so much that this one kind of just falls through the cracks- from the morning sickness in the first trimester to the happy glow of the second to the swollen face and feet and achy everything in the third. The fact that your hair will probably fall after all that is just not that… newsworthy? I still wish someone would have given me a little head’s up about that not-so-little-thing called postpartum shedding.  

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  • Wunmi: My wash day routine

    Wunmi: My wash day routine

    One of the questions I get asked most frequently is how I wash my hair and how often. The latter question gets a simple response of every two to four weeks depending on how lazy I am while the first question can easily turn into a mini-essay detailing how I finger detangle, deep condition, shampoo, condition again then moisturise. This sounds like a lengthy process that probably takes my whole Sunday but worry not. With practice, I have been able to cut down the whole routine to under three hours max.

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  • Wunmi: A note to my weave-wearing self

    Wunmi: A note to my weave-wearing self

    Although I have had natural hair for slightly over a decade, I kept it covered under braids and cornrows in high school then became hooked on weaves in university. In hindsight, those five years of  intensive weave-wearing did nothing for my natural hair and If I could rewind and leave some advice for my varsity self, here's what I would say: 

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    You probably have one or two childhood memories involving mummy dearest, castor oil and a runny tummy. But other than its slightly frightening diarrhea and labour inducing properties, it can do wonders for your hair and scalp.It's no wonder then, that together with avocado oil, it forms the basis for one of our butters that is definitely a customer fave. 

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  • Kɔɪli Korner: Angelika

    Kɔɪli Korner: Angelika

    This week, we have this all natural-living and conscious koili answering our questions and she definitely brings a fresh twist on how she uses our butter!

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  • Shrinkage


    Hi Koilies!


    So, you've reached a new hair length milestone and want to show your progress off to anyone who looks in your general direction, BUT your hair won’t cooperate. It's in its shrunken state and looks like a TWA! These are the glories of shrinkage.

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  • Misadventures with an avocado mask

    Misadventures with an avocado mask

    Hey Koilies,


    It’s been a while – things have been crazy! Anyhow I figured I’d share my (mis)adventures with an avocado and olive oil deep conditioner.

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  •  Kɔɪli Korner: Chuka

    Kɔɪli Korner: Chuka

    Our good friend and koili patron, Chuka, was kind enough to take to the koili korner this week. Aside from finding some of our questions slightly funny and sometimes downright girly, he provides some interesting thoughts on being a guy with natural hair. Enjoy! 

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  • Get to know your kɔɪli butters (Part IV): Marula & Jojoba

    Get to know your kɔɪli butters (Part IV): Marula & Jojoba

    This week, we give you the 411 on Marula and Jojoba oils which are the distinguishing ingredients in in one of our Koili jars.

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  •  Kɔɪli Korner: Maryam

    Kɔɪli Korner: Maryam

    We are excited to announce the start of our Kɔɪli Korner! Here we feature the real kɔɪlies (girls and guys) that use our butters every day. They share their hair journeys, regimens and experiences with kɔɪli. 17 year old high school student Maryam is in the seat this week. 

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  • Get to know your kɔɪli butters (Part III): Coconut and olive oil

    Get to know your kɔɪli butters (Part III): Coconut and olive oil

    In this post, we take a quick journey through the benefits of coconut and olive oil- two key ingredients in the formulation of both our koili butters.

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  • Let it fro

    Let it fro

    Hey koilies!

    This is going to be a quick post. I am in Europe for the winter and decided to take a major break from my regular travelling routine and put our koili butters through their paces.

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  • Puso: my wash day routine

    Puso: my wash day routine

    Hey kɔɪlies!


    Let's talk wash day. I've been asked how I go about it  a few times so I figured it would make a good post. Let me start by saying I'm a fan. Any chance I get to lather my hair is a win, but sometimes it can leave me feeling like this:

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  • Wunmi: My New Hair Resolutions

    Wunmi: My New Hair Resolutions

    Mention resolutions of any kind and I am likely to either pretend your are referring to the zoom capacity on my camera or just ignore you all together. But this year has started off on a different note with me warming up to the idea of new year resolutions-particularly for my hair. 

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  • Get to know your kɔɪli butters (Part II): Shea Butter

    Get to know your kɔɪli butters (Part II): Shea Butter

    In Part II of the 'Get to know your kɔɪli butters' series we look into one of our core ingredients - shea butter. We discuss its origins, composition and various benefits for skin and hair. 


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  • Breaking the kɔɪli hair myths

    Breaking the kɔɪli hair myths

    Whether you have natural hair or not, you have probably heard or even made some assumptions about keeping natural hair.The ones we have heard include myths like 'natural hair is so tough', 'it is high maintenance' and 'it does not grow'. In this post, we debunk the myths and admit the realities of what it really means to keep your hair relaxer-free. 

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  • Wunmi: My Natural Hair Journey

    Wunmi: My Natural Hair Journey

    My name is Wunmi and I am one half of the koili team. I am a 27 year old Polish-born, South Africa-based Naija girl. I spent the first 7 years of my life in Warsaw then the next 5 in a town called Ile-Ife (which means house of love) in south-west Nigeria. My family then moved to South Africa and I have lived in Cape Town, Johannesburg and now, Pretoria. 


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  • Get to know your kɔɪli butters (Part I)

    Get to know your kɔɪli butters (Part I)

    Thank you for your interest in our flagship range that caters for your hair and skin! It is called kɔɪli. Read:  Koili or say koy-lee. Either way it’s our great stuff.



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