Baby's first hair cut

 2016-05-31 08:47 AM by
Baby's first hair cut

You may remember me mentioning that I was in no rush to take my son for his first hair cut. But as his first birthday approached, I felt more inclined to reconsider. It had nothing to do with him being a boy and the stereotypes associated with boys and long natural hair. I loved his full head of fab fro but was  keen to try a new look on him.

And so we headed to his father's barbershop armed with a clipper, some toys for distraction and lots of hope that the lil man would sit still as the barber got to work. But alas, as soon as the clipper was switched on, Mr Baby decided to start squirming in his father's lap. And as the barber deftly tried to cut his hair, my son opened the water works and started to wail.


It was heartbreaking to watch but the barber was patient and gentle. Soon, my son's frightened tears slowed to little sobs as the buzzing of the clipper became less scary and he realised it didn't actually hurt at all. His father offered him a lollipop and he was soon quiet with his head resting on daddy's chest as he sucked away.


And below,  the finished look. My boy was looking as dapper as ever and the compliments haven't stopped since then. He doesn't know any better but I have been pretty chuffed with how it all turned out. So do we have any tips then for the lil ones' first hair cuts? Sure plenty. But we will keep it short and sweet:



1) Make sure their hair is well moisturized, detangled and soft before a clipper is brought anywhere near those curls. Tangled, knotted hair is a recipe for barbershop disaster.

2) Find a barber that you trust to be patient and gentle. We were lucky to have one that his dad had used before. You may need to do your homework in advance as we certainly don't want to get the babies started with similar hair horror stories as those of their mothers.

3) It doesn't hurt to distract the lil one with a lolly, chocolate, prunes, or whatever he likes. It did the trick in our case.


My son currently loves being read to so I think we will add this book on barbershop adventures to the library. Do you have any hair cut adventures with the lil ones? Do share!




With peace, love and fro's